US Prosecution

Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman’s boutique IP firm business model allows a strong focus on patent and trademark prosecution by senior counsel who are experienced in their fields, while also taking a business-oriented approach to better serve our clients. The patent and trademark attorneys at Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman have advanced degrees in areas including physics, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, have industry experience, and have decades of experience working on patent and trademark prosecution and related matters. We make it our priority to know your business, its competitors and to understand the ins and outs of current technology as it relates to your invention and/or business.

Our attorneys and staff are effective at managing patent and trademark prosecution matters and are able to provide requested information on short notice. We work well with in-house counsel, large companies, small businesses and individual inventors, either remotely and in-person, as needed. Our attorneys have practical experience applying current patent and trademark law to patent and trademark prosecution efforts and have a deep understanding of various businesses and technologies, including biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, digital advertising, fashion, medical devices, robotics, software and electronics, sports and entertainment and telecommunications. We have relationships with numerous foreign associates worldwide and are very experienced in supervising these associates in a myriad of countries and continents when prosecuting foreign counterpart applications.

When beginning the prosecution process, we generally suggest that a thorough search be conducted. A trademark search can help determine whether there might be any conflict with pre-existing trademarks, while a patentability search can find relevant prior art which can affect the patentability of your invention. We assist in providing both domestic and international trademark and patentability searches.

Our services also include all aspects of prosecution of patent and trademark applications, including preparing and filing patent and trademark applications throughout the world, responding to refusals to issue a patent or register a trademark (including refusals based on anticipation due to prior art for patents or a likelihood of confusion for trademarks), and various prosecution proceedings, including ex parte and inter partes patent reviews, and trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings. We also assist in monitoring the Internet and trademark offices throughout the world for unauthorized uses of our client’s trademarks or third party applications which may conflict with our client’s brands. On a worldwide basis, our excellent relationships with leading patent and trademark prosecution practitioners around the world facilitate global protection for our clients’ brands and patents.