Foreign Prosecution

Working closely with a network of affiliated global associates, Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman is adept at managing trademark and patent portfolios spanning multiple jurisdictions around the world. Moreover, we help counsel clients on how best to structure a plan for protecting their rights in foreign jurisdictions, helping them to develop comprehensive global strategies, and even file abroad directly via conventions such as the World Intellectual Property Organization or “WIPO” or the Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”). Our familiarly with international treaties and conventions benefit you directly, as costs are substantially lower when utilizing these treaties and conventions for filings.

Our services also include all aspects of prosecution of patent and trademark applications, including preparing and filing patent and trademark applications throughout the world, responding to refusals to issue a patent or register a trademark (including refusals based on anticipation due to prior art for patents or a likelihood of confusion for trademarks), and various prosecution proceedings, including ex parte and inter party patent reviews, and trademark opposition, cancellation and invalidity proceedings.