Opinions and Counseling

Calling upon extensive technical expertise, legal sophistication, and an understanding of business practice and consumer needs, we work closely with our clients to help them effectively protect their intellectual property assets, realize their business goals, and mitigate risk. Overseeing the global patent and trademark portfolios of several renowned companies across a spectrum of industries, we routinely render opinions on patent, trademark and copyright issues, and provide long-term, ongoing strategic counseling. We routinely address issues of validity, enforceability, misuse, licensing, contract construction and worldwide distribution. Our benchmark is to assist and guide our clients in enforcing their intellectual property rights and, wherever possible, to avoid contentious infringement and validity disputes. In so doing, we routinely interface with our clients’ legal, business and technical staffs in order to identify, address and opine on the advantages that may be available and the pitfalls to be avoided in such adversarial matters.