A Golfing Tool for All

Golfers often spend considerable time trying to improve their game. Improvement often requires a golfer to make body adjustments by modifying alignment or position, such as keeping one’s hands in a particular position relative to his/her body and keeping his/her body properly positioned throughout a swing. Golfers take lessons and visit with pros to obtain help, but bad habits can die hard.

One golf pro, Aaron Asedo, came up with a product for helping golfers improve form and alignment so as to improve their swings. The product, called DaVinci’s Belt, includes a system of discrete but interconnected parts, which together connect the golfer to the club. DaVinci’s Belt is the first training aid that is tailored to a golfer’s anatomy in order to ensure that he/she gets into the perfect set-up position every time. DaVinci’s Belt works well as a tool to teach golfers proper form, and helps them retain the form through muscle memory. As Mr. Asedo notes, “understanding how your posture affects the plane on which the golf club travels is crucial when trying to hit the ball straight.” The product includes a plate that is positioned on the golfer with a belt-like device. The plate is connected to an elasticized member that is also connected to the golf club, and is used to keep a golfer’s hands stable relative to the golfer’s body during a swing, including through the back swing.

Mr. Asedo has obtained U.S. patent No, 9,283,462 for his invention, and opened an online store, where golfers can order DaVinci’s belt.