Trademarks refer to the source of goods or services, and can cover any source identifying indicia including color and sound, and even smell.  Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman offers its clients best-in-class trademark services across a wide range of industries and without global restrictions.  Our extensive experience and through knowledge of trademarks allows us to counsel clients the most sophisticated trademark matters and the most simple.  Our work is at the cusp of trademark issues raised by new technologies, social media and the Internet, given the number of clients we represent in these fields.

Our trademark services are provided to individuals and multi-national corporations alike, and include domestic and international:

  • Trademark counseling and identification of trademarks;
  • Developing global branding strategies;
  • Providing watching services;
  • Clearance searching;
  • Investigations;
  • Worldwide trademark filings and prosecution, nationally and via International conventions;
  • Appeals from refusals;
  • Concurrent use proceedings;
  • Cancellation and Invalidity actions;
  • Opposition proceedings at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and abroad;
  • Recording trademarks with U.S. Customs;
  • Interacting with Customs officials who monitor U.S. borders for infringing imports;
  • Managing and maintaining client trademark portfolios including recordals of assignments and security interests;
  • Assertion of trademark rights;
  • Litigation of trademark matters in Federal Court; Obtaining domain names;
  • Litigating domain name disputes before administrative bodies;
  • Licensing and related transactions.