Patents are issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office after a lengthy examination process that may take years to complete. The owner of a patent is granted exclusionary protection, and has the sole right to license, make, use, sell or import the invention for a certain number of years.

A patentable invention can be a new and useful product (including mechanical devices and chemical compositions), or a process (such as processes for making drugs and methods of genetic engineering, and some computer programs). Inventions can also include original ornamental designs (for instance, jewelry or furniture designs), product packaging, or even a plant.

At Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman, we make it a priority to know your business and its major competitors and to understand the ins and outs of current technology as it relates to your invention. By the same token, we also strive to work within your budget.

Our attorneys offer a full spectrum of patent-related services. Our dedication, in combination with finely honed expertise, allows us to provide the highest level of service in connection with patent matters. These include:

• Enforcing patents against infringers;
• Defending clients against claims of infringement;
• Patentability searches;
• Opinions on patent validity;
• Preparing and filing patent applications and obtaining U.S. patents;
• Filing patent applications abroad and/or obtaining foreign patents; and
• Designing and negotiating licensing programs.