Increase in Trademark Office Fees

As of January 2, 2021, the Trademark Office has increased many of its fees for the first time in nearly three years and has implemented some new fees.


Trademark Filing Fees—increasing from $275 to $350 per class or from $225 to $250 per class, depending on whether the Trademark Office’s standard descriptions of goods and services are used.


Section 8 or 71 Declarations (filed during maintenance and renewal)—increasing from $125 per class to $225 per class.


Letters of Protest (regarding a pending application)—a new fee of $50 will be charged for the filing of a letter of protest.


Notice of Opposition/Petition to Cancel—filing fee increasing from $400 per class to $600 per class.


Deletion of Goods and Services—a fee will be charged for the deletion of goods and services if the deletion is sought after the filing of the Section 8 or 71 declaration, but before the acceptance of that declaration.


A list of Trademark Office fee changes can be seen here.