Medical Devices & Systems

Medical electronics industry clients have the potential to experience some of the most challenging problems when it comes to matters of intellectual property law. Issues facing the medical device industry can touch on disciplines as diverse as biochemistry, mechanical and electrical engineering and electronics—all of which demand a tremendous degree of training, study and real-world expertise. Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman has earned a reputation for excellence in this field, and a number of our attorneys having achieved national and international renown for their work. Whether obtaining patents, managing global patent portfolios, negotiating licenses and the like, our attorneys help clients make the very most of their inventions in this space.

Case Studies:

  • A New Jersey-based company developed a new line of medical injection devices. Working closely with their staff engineers and technical advisors, we obtained several key patents for the company—not only on the devices themselves, but also on a new procedure for delivering the injections. The procedure came to be recognized as revolutionary in the field. As a result of our efforts, the company was able to obtain crucial financing for its continued operation and growth.
  • A small overseas company was trying to get into the booming ‘80s market for medical devices. Over the course of 20 years, we helped them obtain over 300 U.S. patents. The company not only grew, but it went on to become one of the four largest manufacturers in the field, its patent portfolio evaluated at more than $200 million when it was finally acquired.
  • We represented a medical device manufacturer in multiple patent infringement suits against the industry’s dominant company. As a result of many years of intense litigation, royalty-free cross-licenses were exchanged. The license our client received ultimately became one of its most important assets.