Luxury Goods & Jewelry

One of our greatest strengths is representing clients in the luxury goods and jewelry fields in large part because these fields utilize all of the layers of protection afforded by the intellectual property laws. We have represented many of the world’s most celebrated brands and designers, including leading designers in furniture, jewelry and the luxury accessory worlds. We have assisted clients in registering signature designs and acquiring global rights, as well as building multifaceted brand enforcement and protection programs. When our clients’ designs are knocked-off, we are in a position to take strong and swift action, successfully vindicating our clients’ rights.

Case Studies:

  • We obtained a federal trademark registration for the shape of an important proprietary diamond for one of our clients, convincing the USPTO that the shape had acquired secondary meaning and on seeing it, consumers and the trade would think of the shape of the stone as coming from a single source.
  • We are aggressively fighting knock-off artists in China who have registered our client’s long established and world renown designer name as their brand name in China.