Internet & IT

It is no contradiction to say that the internet affords seemingly infinite opportunities, as well as innumerable risks. That truism certainly applies in the sphere of intellectual property, as the internet provides new bases for patentability, and consequently, new hazards of infringement. From location-based services to user customization, the internet’s growing ubiquity has resulted in numerous patents, and a resulting boom in infringement litigation. Our attorneys are well-versed in helping clients avoid patent risks, maximize patent protection and assert patent rights.

As the number of patent applications has increased, so too has the complexity in obtaining issued patents, as recent cases have evolved a more rigorous standard for judging whether the content of an application is even eligible for protection.

We have a successful history of surmounting questions of eligibility, helping tech innovators obtain patent protection, as well as helping them monetize these assets.

For example, we helped obtain patent protection for companies developing smart phone apps, including those related to music playlists and virtual reality presentations. We have also helped obtain protection for aspects of voice-over-IP solutions, and fraud detection solutions. In these cases, we were able to successfully overcome several legal changes, even as they were evolving.

With unique expertise and subject matter fluency, Gottlieb, Rackman & Reisman can help innovative businesses secure and assert their most valuable assets.