Food & Beverage

Representing clients in the food and beverage industry requires a thorough understanding of the interplay between all available forms of intellectual property. With extensive experience in representing both U.S.-based and international producers of foods and beverages, our attorneys have both the interdisciplinary savvy and a deep familiarity with the marketplace that is necessary to serve the unique needs of food industry clients. From a boutique Swiss chocolatier to a French yogurt giant, from American brewers to Italian vintners to Colombian soft drink producers, we routinely advise our food and beverage clients on all aspects of intellectual property practice, including securing and enforcing rights in the United States and abroad.

Cases Studies:

  • Defending against trademark and trade dress infringement suits in U.S. District Court;
  • Spearheading our client’s effort to preserve a famous candy product as a configuration trademark;
  • Securing U.S. trademark rights and devising comprehensive international trademark filing strategies to enable an international franchise program;
  • Working with Customs officials to help interdict counterfeit products;
  • Drafting license agreements pertaining to trademarks for recipes;
  • Drafting co-existence agreements when either national or international co-existence understandings have been reached.