Apparel & Textiles

Given our location near New York City’s famous garment district, we are in the backyard of numerous apparel and textile clients who have benefited from our proximity. We have become an invaluable resource to designers and manufacturers alike. From protecting and enforcing our clients’ proprietary rights in their designs to defending our clients against legal overreacting, we are recognized as one of leading intellectual property law firms in the apparel and textile fields.

Case Studies:

  • Our clients, an international design house and its luxury rug licensee, were sued for copyright infringement, by a California artist. We demonstrated to the Court that our clients’ design was independently created and that any similarity was wholly coincidental. The Court granted summary judgment on behalf of our clients.
  • Our client, a well-known manufacturer, was sued by a competitor for design patent infringement. Our client prevailed when we invalidated the asserted design patent.
  • We counseled our client, a world-renowned foreign soccer federation, on a multi-million dollar agreement reached between or client and a major U.S. sporting goods company for the design, manufacture, and sale of the federation’s jerseys and athletic footwear products.
  • We represented a well-known underwear manufacturer in a significant license agreement with a top outdoor sports apparel manufacturer.
  • On behalf of a New York-based apparel manufacturer, we successfully sued a California company for trademark infringement.